Why choose Eadetech

Why choose Eadetech as your manufacturer factory wholesaler

No Compromise in Quality
We understand the importance of sustaining a high quality standard because our customers are relying on us to maintain the reputation of their brand name.
Intellectual Property Protection
One of the most valuable assets that a customer owns is Intellectual Property and we recognize the importance of  keeping it in confidential and protecting it from being copied.  Information and materials shared with In-Tech will be handled by authorized parties only.
Flexible Manufacturing Solution
The agility of arranging the production line to cater  to different production needs is one of our specialties.  Assembly lines can be set-up to accommodate production from high-volume-low-mix assemblies to high-mix-low-volume assemblies.
Experienced Customer Focus Team
Our project team is composed of cross-functional specialists that are  assigned to serve one customer, integrating your business to ensure a fast and professional response every time.
Diverse Product Experience
From wireless Modules for B2B networking to integrated multifunction control marine electronics, In-Tech can offer end-to-end manufacturing solutions to fit high volume production and to surpass stringent quality requirement.
One Company, One Culture
Our experienced marketing team with multinational exposure will help bridge the cultural and language differences between the East and West and make sure the requirements are fully implemented and integrated into our system.
If the above are also your concerns when choosing an OEM partner for strategic outsourcing, do give us a call or contact our marketing team  for further information.