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From fabricating high-end  die castings to assembly and finishing work, Our Products is proud to deliver exceptional engineering services. Everything we do is backed by a skilled team and state-of-the-art machinery and processes. We’ve been dedicated to building better parts and have helped countless industries find value and performance along the way.

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What We Do

Die casting, Maching and Finshing are at the heart of what we do here at Eade Tech Company. We design and fabricate custom parts tailored to our customers’ specific projects. With our highly efficient processes, we deliver versatile die casting services and quality parts to customers from all industries, including:

  • Industrial equipment: Eadetech also creates a range of custom components for industrial equipment, like housings, pumps and air compressors. 
  • Automation: Automation need high accuracy and reliable parts. Eadetech is a die casting company that frequently creates these essential parts for factory, commercial and construcion entities.
  • Automotive and recreational vehicles: From the chassis to the counter mounts, our team creates the parts that keep industries moving every day.
  • HealthCare: Healthcare instruments and hospital equipment call for incredibly precise and accurate components. Die cast parts can meet that need quickly.
  • Telecommunications and Lighting: These industries require electrical enclosures to provide essential weatherproofing tools used in many environments. We make custom enclosures for any application.

In addition to die casting, Premier Engineered Products offers a wide range of machining and finishing services, like vibratory deburring, shot blasting, electroplating and much more. In addition, Premier’s wide range of assembly and testing capabilities means your product is ready when it arrives at the dock, saving our customers valuable resources and streamlining their supply chains. Our capabilities include any number of complex assemblies and various tests that ensure quality and reliability for you and your end-users.

Our Quality Control System

Guangzhou Eade Technology Co., Ltd  commitment to quality standards was rewarded with the accreditation in July 2014 of the Industry recognised standard ISO 9001:2008 followed by ISO 14001:2004 in March 2015.
Focus on the quality is important in sustaining long term business success and new opportunities.
Certification to the international recognised quality management system (QMS) standard, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 from a reputable provider gives a clear demonstration.

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Our Team

Guangzhou Eade Technology Co., Ltd has evolved from a small scrap manufacturing operation into a complex  company . The 40+ people who work for the company are now engaged in the processing, trading and smelting of scrap in addition to providing manufacturing service for new  products such as  etc. Such a depth of knowledge across many sectors of the metals industry give our suppliers and customers the opportunity to have virtually any relevant industrial question answered or problem solved by somebody who will have encountered it before. It is this strength in depth, which has allowed sales to provide suppliers with services ranging from bespoke scrap collection methods to education on how commodity Risk Management can benefit their business.

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